Is Grief a Mental Disorder?


Is Grief a Mental Disorder? It’s not fun to think about or discuss but it’s the truth: grief touches all of us. In fact it’s quite natural. People close to us eventually pass away, and the bereaved are cast into emotional distress. It can feel as if there’s no way out. Grief presents a formidable [...]

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SAD Winter Blues


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is when depression worsens with changing seasons. 10%-20% of depression sufferers are affected in this way. It is not yet fully understood how these changes affect mental health but most theories involve sleep patterns, thyroid levels, and melatonin - a chemical released in the body to signal sleepiness.

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Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain


Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain Movies and can be profound. They shock and awe us, they laugh and cry us, they make us think and they help us escape reality. There’s nothing like a great movie to capture peoples’ imaginations. Film, indeed all art forms, can make a deep impact on one’s life. While struggling [...]

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