National Alliance on Mental Illness

Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible”


Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible” We all have to eat. It’s one of those things like breathing or sleeping. We need it to survive. In fact eating gives us the fuel to draw a breath or crawl into bed. One could argue it is the most necessary necessity. Unfortunately there are some disorders that [...]

Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible”2019-04-23T18:17:29-04:00

Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek


Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek - Mental health is often unaddressed in the military - both by veterans and active duty members. Statistically, however, problems with mental health are more prevalent than in civilian life. It makes sense considering what the military is tasked with. It seems evident that dangerous fighting in unfamiliar lands could bring psychological anguish to the strongest of human beings. Indeed for many soldiers it comes from military events like combat.

Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek2018-11-30T12:41:41-04:00

Hope: Depression Recovery


Hope: Depression Recovery Writing had always been Jennifer’s passion. Jennifer (name changed for anonymity) was a good friend of mine in journalism school. We often lunched together and she could always put a smile on my face with a sharp sense of humor. She always got me through the midday doldrums. Her performance at school [...]

Hope: Depression Recovery2018-09-28T15:57:34-04:00
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