Teletherapy Saves Time


Teletherapy Saves Time For some, the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist is unclear. Put simply: psychiatrists deal with medications while psychologists do therapy sessions. A while ago we discussed telepsychiatry. That entails prescription management plus occasional consults, all through videoconferencing. However telepsychology/teletherapy involves regular meetings between patient and therapist. Getting to the doctor for a [...]

Teletherapy Saves Time2018-10-19T17:17:18-04:00

Is ADHD Passed Down Genetically?


Is ADHD Passed Down Genetically? Is ADHD Passed Down Genetically? There are several genes currently being studied to identify if ADHD is genetic or hereditary. New research is currently being analyzed and combined with prior studies to better identify where it comes from.  In the meantime, rest assured that it is solely not caused by [...]

Is ADHD Passed Down Genetically?2017-08-22T16:14:04-04:00
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