Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain


Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain Movies and can be profound. They shock and awe us, they laugh and cry us, they make us think and they help us escape reality. There’s nothing like a great movie to capture peoples’ imaginations. Film, indeed all art forms, can make a deep impact on one’s life. While struggling [...]

Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain2018-09-15T15:54:03-04:00

Difficulty Sustaining Attention


Difficulty Sustaining Attention in Activities One of the most evident symptoms reflected in ADHD is the difficulty to sustain attention during activities. Trouble paying attention when doing regular activities such as watching movies or reading a book can frustrate you and to those around you as well.  Sometimes you may have trouble remembering what you've [...]

Difficulty Sustaining Attention2017-10-13T18:19:08-04:00
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