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Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder

The availability of booze in the US is hard to overlook. Beer sections at the supermarket are a cornucopia of brews. Same with wine. There’s a liquor store walking distance from almost every residence. There are alcohol wholesale markets as big and plentiful as Costco
(who stock their own selection of tipples). To many who shop at these stores
and drink in moderation, abstaining from alcohol is simple.

Sadly, that is not the case for the
roughly 16 million Americans with alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain

Cinema Therapy

Cinema Therapy: Entertain Your Brain Movies and can be profound. They shock and awe us, they laugh and cry us, they make us think and they help us escape reality. There’s nothing like a great movie to capture peoples’ imaginations. Film, indeed all art forms, can make a deep impact on one’s life. While struggling […]

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