Cognitive Assessments

Bregman Medical Group offers comprehensive cognitive assessments through Cambridge Brain Sciences, a leader in providing cognitive assessment tools to mental health providers. The cognitive assessments consists of 12 simple and engaging scientifically proven cognitive tasks that can be completed from home and produce objective measures through multiple cognitive domains and are explained in detail by our mental health providers.

Patients completing the assessment will be able to obtain quantifiable data in core areas of cognition such as memory, attention, reasoning, and verbal ability. Assessments are then narrowed and completed at regular intervals. The information is then used to develop an individualized treatment plan with the goal of optimizing patient care.

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About Cambridge Brain Sciences

Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) tasks were developed by Dr. Adrian Owen over the course of 25 years. There have been over 300 scientific studies to-date using the CBS tasks which have led to numerous academic journal publications. All cognitive tasks are based on the classical paradigms of cognitive psychology literature.

The CBS tasks have been validated in brain imaging studies of healthy volunteers, patients, and several large-scale public studies with thousands of volunteers and have proven to be efficient and have sensitive measures of baseline cognitive capacity. The results of a 30-minute Cambridge Brain Sciences battery were comparable to those of a standard 2-3 hour neuro-psychological battery (WAIS-R) (Levine et al., 2013). In a mental capacity study in the elderly, the CBS battery outperformed a standard task of cognitive abilities (the MoCA) (Brenkel et al., 2017). CBS battery performance is highly predictive of problem solving and reasoning as indexed by “classic” tasks (Hampshire et al., 2012).

The CBS tasks have been completed over 10 million times, have decades of research, and hundreds of peer-reviewed studies. Click here to learn more about Cambridge Brain Sciences or ask your doctor about it during your next appointment.

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