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The 3 R’s of Mental Health During Coronavirus

The 3 R’s of Mental Health During Coronavirus

Families are hurting right now. The virus continues to spread, money grows tighter, next school year looms around the corner, and confusion is all around us. Caring for our mental health is hard in times like these, but it’s vital for our quality of life and our ability to meet challenges.

Most people don’t have a wealth of psychological knowledge which automatically activates when needed. In fact many people need a guiding hand, while some don’t even think much about mental health. Tips and advice go a long way for busy, distracted individuals.

The 3 R’s is a device that may help people through distress. With resilience, routine, and relationships we can maintain our mental health while growing stronger to meet future difficulties with composure and confidence.

So what are the 3 R’s?

  1. Resilience: The best way to describe resilience is “bouncing back.” How do we shine bright even after tragedy and hardship? Adaptation to our circumstances is key. We must accept negative feelings with a positive attitude.

When dealing with children, saying things like “It’s ok to be afraid” validates their emotions and gives them comfort. It’s not a bad idea to add this phrase to your own self-talk, because we are of no help to others if we can’t be there for ourselves.

  1. Routine: Children and adults can both benefit from a little routine. Structure gives us purpose and keeps us moving throughout the day. Wake up, brush your teeth, exercise, eat regular healthy meals. Designate times for homework if you have children.

Self-care measures like a walk outside or mindfulness meditation are also a good addition to our day.

And don’t forget... planning is part of the routine! Incorporate mask wearing, hand washing, and sanitation measures. This will keep the community safe and give us confidence about our own safety.

  1. Relationships: Loneliness is bad for mental health and right now a lot of us feel disconnected. These days are filled with avoidance, isolation, and anxiety - all of which are hallmarks of PTSD and other disorders brought on by a crisis. The solution? Get creative! We live in the digital age. Schedule regular video chats, start a book club, become active on social media. Technology opens the door to maintaining our relationships.

For children, a new thing called “pandemic pods” has sprung up. These are small groups of children within a trusted community who learn together, taking some of the weight off parents’ shoulders.

Sometimes advice and tips aren’t enough. In this case, it’s important to reach out to a mental health professional. Dr. Arthur Bregman, MD has 40+ years experience helping children and families through a wide range of disorders. His company Bregman MD offers online psychiatry and psychotherapy right to your smartphone or computer -- schedule an appointment at or call 305-740-3340.

By BregmanMD | December 18, 2020 | Mental Health

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