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Psychiatric Medication During Covid?

Psychiatric Medication During Covid?

In our content, we at Bregman Medical Group try to supply tools necessary for emotional wellbeing. When someone reads our blogs or social media they can find a wealth of tips for self-care and personal resilience. However, we are indeed a group of mental health professionals - psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and therapists. We are here because sometimes self-care isn’t enough.

Some patients need assistance because they have developed troublesome thinking patterns alongside a chemical imbalance in the brain. In these cases, one may not only require talk therapy but also medical management. 

Our practice places a strong emphasis on psychiatry - psychiatrists are the doctors who prescribe the right medications for each individual patient.

Therapist vs. Psychiatrist?

First, we should differentiate between psychologists and psychiatrists.

Psychologists, often called therapists, are essentially counselors who engage in talk therapy and non-medication based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who not only prescribe therapy-based treatments but also specialize in psychiatric medication. Examples include antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, ADD/ADHD medications, and various other medicines for different disorders.

Compliance is Key!

For psychiatric patients, adherence to the medical treatment plan is vital for success. This means sticking to a routine. Many of these medicines work fully and consistently when they are able to saturate the bloodstream over weeks of daily dosages. If a prescription fails to be renewed or someone skips a few days this could lead to a real setback in recovery.

Covid Complications?

In our current situation, we understand that office appointments are a no-go, and trips to the pharmacy can be inconvenient or even scary for some. The world is experiencing a spike in mental illness as various stressors affect us all.

It is important to provide access for patients so they can stay on the path during challenging times like these. Luckily, the internet makes medication management a whole lot easier.

The Digital Solution

Through telepsychiatry - or online psychiatry - getting medications becomes quite simple. Over video feed, a patient’s doctor can evaluate and renew (or change) prescriptions as needed. Then the prescription is called into a patient’s pharmacy of choice and is ready to be quickly picked up! Minimal contact, and zero days off medication. 

As the pandemic and all related issues continue to develop, don’t let your mental health treatment fall by the wayside. Peace of mind and emotional confidence can carry us through the worst of times, and modern technology makes it easier than ever to move forward with our lives.

Do you think professional mental health treatment is for you? Please reach out for help. Bregman Medical Group has decades of experience treating countless disorders with psychiatry and therapy. We offer telepsychiatry right to your device, anywhere in the country! Simply schedule an appointment at or call us at 305-740-3340.

By BregmanMD | December 24, 2020 | Mental Health

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