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Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious?

Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious?   At this point most of us know what coronavirus (COVID-19) is a disease recently spread around the world. Most of us also know its symptoms are similar to an average cold but occasionally fatal for seniors or people with weak immune function.  A less talked about aspect of coronavirus is how it affects our psychology. What if the coronavirus problem triggers someone’s disorder? And what is the difference between panic and preparedness?  Perhaps you’re anxious to go about your daily activities. Or maybe you’re paranoid the people around you carry the virus. Or even depressed about the whole situation.  For those with anxiety, paranoia, depression, and other disorders, a pending outbreak may further complicate already challenging recoveries. Even people without mental illness are worried. Some sufferers could be greatly affected. But there’s good news! Whether you have a disorder or not, here are 4 key points to ease your mind. 
  1. Most cases of coronavirus are mild. They resemble a common cold and not much else - in fact the only groups severely affected so far have been the elderly and people with underlying health problems. The least affected group is actually young children.
  2. Now this may seem counter-intuitive but bear with us: it’s hard to know how bad an outbreak may be. It’s like a hurricane: it may hit big or not at all, but chances are most people in Florida will neither contract nor be affected by coronavirus. Even in the worst case scenario you can remember the first point. Most cases are mild like a cold and patients achieve a full recovery. Governments and health organizations are working to solve the problem and progress is being made on possible vaccinations.
  3. As other publications have pointed out, this topic is especially Floridian. We know about preparedness. We’ve seen our share of storms and preparing for coronavirus isn’t much different. Stock up on needed amenities in case you end up at home for an extended period. This means everything from toilet paper to prescribed medications. Of course there are a few supplies unique to an outbreak: antibacterial soap, face masks, etc. (Although as a side note, media outlets assure face masks are only necessary if someone in close quarters gets the illness.)
  4. We can go digital. Modern technology lets us hold work meetings via Skype, order groceries online for delivery, and even consult with a virtual doctor. For sufferers of mental illness like anxiety or OCD, this is especially useful during an outbreak. Online psychiatry and therapy can ensure sufferers get treatment even if they are unable or unwilling to leave home. 
It’s important to remember that news of an outbreak may aggravate certain disorders... But with good research and prep work we can challenge these exaggerated fears and carry on with life.  Bregman Medical Group offers online psychiatry and online therapy. Don’t let coronavirus get between you and your wellness.  When Anxious or in Doubt… Go Digital! For detailed information and medical news about coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website on the subject: Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious? Note: For assistance with behavioral health issues, contact us at 305-740-3340 or schedule an appointment with BregmanMD.        

By BregmanMD | March 04, 2020 | Mental Health

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