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Difficulty Sustaining Attention

Difficulty Sustaining Attention in Activities

One of the most evident symptoms reflected in ADHD is the difficulty to sustain attention during activities. Trouble paying attention when doing regular activities such as watching movies or reading a book can frustrate you and to those around you as well.  Sometimes you may have trouble remembering what you've read and then re-read the same passage several times to remember more of it. Regular activities like playing a board game or engaging in sports activities would feel better if you could finish and enjoy the outcome and accomplishment.  Empowering children for their successes builds their self-esteem, whether it's something that they participated in and won; or for making and effort in learning from an experience that they could remember now for the future.  With ADHD it is difficult benefit from daily activities if there are setbacks or multiple struggles along the way. Students should feel fulfilled if they can listen through a lecture and process what they've learned each day without distractions affecting their ability to focus.  There are many people who have trouble staying focused on boring or repetitive tasks, but do you have an unusual intolerance to engage?  If so, schedule an appointment for a consultation because you would have better results throughout your day if you are able to save time and energy by keep your mind on the task successfully!

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By BregmanMD | October 13, 2017 | Mental Health

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