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Alcoholism: A Consequence of Covid-19

Alcoholism: A Consequence of Covid-19 We all have heard the term. “Alcoholism.” It’s a big topic these days because the COVID-19 outbreak has driven up rates of alcohol abuse according to various media reports. For example, India had to close liquor stores recently because of lines around the block. One store owner had to close because of overcrowding. People who bought enough  for two weeks bought the same amount for two days. Comparisons have been made to the Great Depression because of financial woes, tight living situations, and shortages of products. And like the Great Depression, people have taken to the bottle. Signs and symptoms of ALCOHOLISM:
  1. If you don’t drink, you don't feel good
  2. You need alcohol to cope with the day
  3. You are irritable, cranky, and you drink alone
  4. Dysfunction at work, home, even intimate relationships
  5. Binge drinking
  6. Lying to keep drinking a secret
  7. Eventually alcohol abuse affects your health. It hurts the kidneys, liver, and especially relevant during this outbreak - it lowers immune response
These are the warning signs of a drinking problem. But don’t let alcohol take over! Alcoholism is treatable and with the right effort, it can be overcome. 6 tips for your roadmap to recovery:
  1. People have to be detoxed. Treatment programs are best for this because physically getting off alcohol is dangerous alone. You have to be alcohol free to begin a thorough recovery.
  2. Psychiatric evaluation for other disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  3. Medical clearance is needed - certain medical problems could be interfering with treatment.
  4. Support groups are a huge help - a sponsor perhaps.
  5. Important continued psychiatric evaluations, to stay on top of the problem with therapy and sometimes medication
  6. Vigilance, diet, healthier life choices: whatever is needed to make sure treatment is adhered to.
  Alcoholism is on the rise and these are uncertain times. But help is available! Bregman MD Medical Group has 40 years experience treating alcoholism and other mental health issues. Take control of your life today.

By BregmanMD | May 19, 2020 | Mental Health

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