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Adult ADD and ADHD: Why is it Undiagnosed?

Here at Bregman Medical Group, we have decades of experience treating a multitude of disorders in both hospitals and private offices. This has led to familiarity with a wide variety of mental disorders affecting various age groups. One of our areas of expertise has always been attention deficit disorder (and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

In the last few decades, there’s been a discovery of more widespread “adult ADD or ADHD” which is the grown-up version of attention deficit disorder. Usually diagnosed in children, ADD causes loss of focus and distractibility which affects an individual’s functioning. Many times children being treated for ADD end up having parents who get diagnosed, and we see that often at the Bregman Medical Group offices.

Because it got associated with a young-age diagnosis, for many years adult ADD/ADHD was overlooked. And like with children, medications for this disorder are particularly effective. However, the medications are not necessary in all cases. With therapeutic intervention, some cases of ADD are treated without a single pill. For both adults and children, attention deficit disorder is a complex issue requiring regular observation and adjustment.

But the disorder needs to be diagnosed in an adult for it to be treated.

This skewed perception of ADD’s age range may be responsible for why 9% of children are diagnosed but only 2% of adults are. Part of that is because as a person develops, they may overcome the disorder. But there are many cases that slip through the cracks.

An added obstacle to diagnosis is associated disorders which are common with ADD and ADHD. Comorbid conditions often include anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. They can sometimes cloud diagnoses, obscuring ADD altogether. Those should be addressed promptly as they might also interfere with treatment.

Problems at the job, problems at home, and social dysfunction are often the unfortunate result of adult ADD. Since many times the lack of a diagnosis in childhood leads many to not suspect the disorder, some signs are needed to look out for. The risk is high in adulthood because there are more pressing responsibilities to be met. Children will suffer in school primarily. Adults can lose jobs and marriages, and even get hurt.

Signs that someone may have adult ADHD are lack of focus, becoming easily distracted, not being able to stay on a particular task or in a single conversation, having trouble with time management, and overall poor concentration. Sometimes it may lead to acting out socially or risky behaviors.

It’s important to remember that treatment for ADD isn’t the same for everyone and you can pick a route that suits you best. Medication or therapy, both are extremely effective.

If you think you may suffer from adult ADD or ADHD, please reach out to Bregman Medical Group. We have expertise in the disorder and offer online treatment right to your device. Simply schedule at or call 305-740-3340.


By BregmanMD | May 17, 2022 | Mental Health

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