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The Arts & Mental Health


The Arts & Mental Health I’ve played music my whole life. Everything I’ve ever done and at least half the people I’ve ever known, have been involved in the arts. I’ve played in bands, taught guitar lessons, written art columns for local papers, done concert reviews… Needless to say I know a lot of artists. [...]

The Arts & Mental Health2019-03-08T15:26:36-05:00

Opioid Crisis: Glimmers of Hope


Opioid Crisis: Glimmers of Hope I once had a friend (we’ll call him “T”) who liked to get a buzz on. While it’s not preferable to use substances like alcohol, they never disrupted his life. He could drink a few beers and call it a night. After an evening with delinquent friends, he would say [...]

Opioid Crisis: Glimmers of Hope2019-03-01T15:36:27-05:00



Paranoia: What is it Really? Paranoid. We’ve all heard that word before. It is often used to describe feelings of suspicion and worry - or a suspicious/worrisome person. Maybe someone labelled your jumpy friend as paranoid. Perhaps someone remarks that they are paranoid they left the stove on. In fact “paranoid” joins “OCD,” “depressed,” and [...]


Self Care: 4 Mental Health Tips


Self Care: 4 Mental Health Tips “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The phrase escaped me for a long time. I always knew what it meant but never connected the dots for myself: take care of yourself smartly and you’ll be healthier. Honestly most of my friends ignored the advice too. We ate [...]

Self Care: 4 Mental Health Tips2019-01-18T12:52:35-05:00

Mental Health: Aging


Getting old. We all do it if we’re lucky. It’s bittersweet that we can live so long - we persevere for decades yet as we age our bodies weaken. Our lives become rich with wisdom and family, but there are hard truths to confront.

Mental Health: Aging2019-01-11T23:29:14-05:00

SAD Winter Blues


Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is when depression worsens with changing seasons. 10%-20% of depression sufferers are affected in this way. It is not yet fully understood how these changes affect mental health but most theories involve sleep patterns, thyroid levels, and melatonin - a chemical released in the body to signal sleepiness.

SAD Winter Blues2018-12-21T20:50:13-05:00

Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek


Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek - Mental health is often unaddressed in the military - both by veterans and active duty members. Statistically, however, problems with mental health are more prevalent than in civilian life. It makes sense considering what the military is tasked with. It seems evident that dangerous fighting in unfamiliar lands could bring psychological anguish to the strongest of human beings. Indeed for many soldiers it comes from military events like combat.

Military Mental Health: An Upward Trek2018-11-30T12:41:41-05:00



Stressed? Everyone knows having a mental disorder is stressful. What some may not realize, however, is that stress itself is a mental health issue. Well…kind of. We all feel stress once in a while. Maybe you work in a fast-paced environment, have a public speaking engagement soon, or anticipate spending time with someone who tests [...]