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Conquering the Storm


Conquering the Storm The Coronavirus outbreak can take a toll on our mental health. Dr. Arthur Bregman, MD has some tips to help you calm the storm in your mind! For assistance with behavioral health issues, contact us at 305-740-3340 or schedule an appointment with BregmanMD.

Conquering the Storm2020-04-02T09:07:53-04:00

Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious?


Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious?   At this point most of us know what coronavirus (COVID-19) is a disease recently spread around the world. Most of us also know its symptoms are similar to an average cold but occasionally fatal for seniors or people with weak immune function.  A less talked about [...]

Panic vs Preparation: Is Coronavirus Making You Anxious?2020-03-05T17:55:50-05:00

Is Grief a Mental Disorder?


Is Grief a Mental Disorder? It’s not fun to think about or discuss but it’s the truth: grief touches all of us. In fact it’s quite natural. People close to us eventually pass away, and the bereaved are cast into emotional distress. It can feel as if there’s no way out. Grief presents a formidable [...]

Is Grief a Mental Disorder?2019-09-09T18:06:52-04:00

Neurology or Psychiatry? What’s the Difference?


Neurology or Psychiatry? What’s the Difference? The brain is a multifaceted organ. When it gets sick we can become confused about what factors are at play. Not all mental maladies are lumped together as “psychiatric.” It’s important to remember because treatments and referrals depend on the correct diagnosis. A neurological disease is characterized as having [...]

Neurology or Psychiatry? What’s the Difference?2019-09-09T18:07:03-04:00

Telepsychiatry: The Convenient Online Psychiatrist


So what is telemedicine? Essentially it is medical care over video conferencing similar to Skype. Except instead of Skype doctors use regulated software to secure patients’ privacy. With the oversight of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), encrypted programs allow for total confidentiality.

Telepsychiatry: The Convenient Online Psychiatrist2019-08-13T16:53:41-04:00

Telemedicine, Confidentiality, & HIPAA


Telemedicine, Confidentiality, & HIPAA Our medical information should remain private, and for good reason. Knowledge of our well-being can be deviously sold to advertising companies, used to defraud us, or generally disseminated to those without our best interests in mind. We already know the doctor-patient relationship is protected. In a psychiatric office we know [...]

Telemedicine, Confidentiality, & HIPAA2019-09-09T17:45:52-04:00

Alcohol Use Disorder


The availability of booze in the US is hard to overlook. Beer sections at the supermarket are a cornucopia of brews. Same with wine. There’s a liquor store walking distance from almost every residence. There are alcohol wholesale markets as big and plentiful as Costco (who stock their own selection of tipples). To many who shop at these stores and drink in moderation, abstaining from alcohol is simple. Sadly, that is not the case for the roughly 16 million Americans with alcohol use disorder (AUD).

Alcohol Use Disorder2019-06-03T14:44:33-04:00

Understanding Autism


Understanding Autism Autism is a disorder of behavioral and communicative disruption which is often misunderstood by the public. Those with no friend or family member with autism may be confused about what it is and how it affects people. Contrary to countless movies and TV shows, people with autism live all kinds of lives and [...]

Understanding Autism2019-05-13T14:53:17-04:00

The Effectiveness of CBT


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most widespread mental health treatments used today. If you’ve been following us at BregmanMD you may be familiar with it. Still, too few people are familiar with the specifics of CBT. Here I’ll try to illuminate just how it works.

The Effectiveness of CBT2019-04-29T11:08:22-04:00

Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible”


Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible” We all have to eat. It’s one of those things like breathing or sleeping. We need it to survive. In fact eating gives us the fuel to draw a breath or crawl into bed. One could argue it is the most necessary necessity. Unfortunately there are some disorders that [...]

Eating Disorders: “Complete Recovery is Possible”2019-04-23T18:17:29-04:00