Dr. Arthur Bregman

Dr. Arthur Bregman

Arthur J. Bregman, M.D. is a licensed clinical psychiatrist with over four decades of experience working with children, adolescents and adults.  He improves overall mental health through counseling, therapy and assessing medications for appropriate diagnosis for a multitude of services. 

His specialties include family counseling, support groups, marriage counseling, and emotional-focused therapy.  He also treats and manages disorders in relation to anxiety, bipolar, autism, drug dependencies, insomnia, and depression. His practice has recently expanded and he has established a full center to focus on attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in his Coral Gables office. The practice is now offering Telepsychiatry services to enable patients to access services in a remote, convenient location.

Education and career

Education and career

Dr. Bregman attended the top ranked National University of Stony Brook in New York and conducted his residency in Adult Psychiatry at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.  He earned his license in 1979 after his Fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry- also at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.  He has had an established relationship with the University of Miami School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry since 1980 and is currently the Clinical Assistant Professor. 

In 1992, he created Psychsolutions and then transitioned into off-site visits.  Doctor Bregman maintains the Senior Attending Physician position at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital formally (known as Miami Children’s Hospital) since December of 1997.  At Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Dr. Bregman has served as: Chief of Psychiatry, Acting Chief Psychiatry and Assistant Director of Psychiatry.  Bregman is Senior Attending Physician at Jackson South Community Hospital and has held this responsibility since March of 2009.

Awards and Recognition


Doctor Arthur Bregman is presently active in the following Community Societies: American Society of Adolescent Psychology, Dade County Medical Society, Florida Medical Society and South Florida Psychiatric Society. He is an active board member of South Florida Behavioral Health Network and is Executive Committee Fleet Surgeon for the Coral Reef Yacht Club.

He has had the privilege of being recognized on numerous occasions, namely: U.S. News Top Doctor’s, Top Three Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and as Distinguished Physician. Doctor Bregman was authorized to fund and manage a behavioral health system of care. In May of 2011, he conducted prevention and treatment services in Miami Dade and Monroe counties through a network of 55 subcontracted service providers.

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